Invisalign is a popular and comfortable alternative to conventional orthodontic treatment. These transparent braces made of plastic are ideal for patients desiring discreet treatment. Favored among working professionals for their natural looking appearance, Invisalign can help you achieve the straight smile of your dreams. Mascola Orthodontics is proud to offer revolutionary and comfortable treatments like Invisalign. Learn More ›

Orthodontics for Kids

Scheduling an orthodontic consultation in childhood is beneficial to children. This appointment can lead to the detection of issues with the bite or developmental problems, and can help determine whether there is enough room to accommodate the arrival of adult teeth. Learn More ›

Orthodontics for Teens

Our team as Mascola Orthodontics individualizes orthodontic care for teens based on their unique needs and lifestyle. We have a number of treatment options available to help our young patients look and feel their best. Learn More ›

Orthodontics for Adults

It’s never too late to improve your smile by straightening your teeth. Mascola Orthodontics offers unique treatment systems designed for adults, including Invisalign clear braces as well as discreet lingual braces. Learn More ›

Traditional Braces

Even though there are alternatives to conventional orthodontia, braces still help a great deal of people from all age groups and backgrounds. Traditional braces can move even the most problematically placed teeth to healthier positions. Learn More ›


Retainers are prescribed to protect the results of orthodontic treatment. Our practice offers several types of retainers, which are worn as the last phase of treatment. The type of retainer prescribed will depend on the type of braces you wore, your individual needs, and your lifestyle. Learn More ›

Surgical Orthodontics

Dr. Mascola works with Oral Surgeons for surgical orthodontic repositioning of the maxilla and mandible usually at UCLA, USC or Kaiser Oral Surgery Departments at their respective hospital. Louis F. Mascola DDS state of the art office includes Itero scanner, the CBCT Icat 3D x-ray unit as well as the 3D printer.