What You Need To Know About Smile Direct Club by Torrance, CA Orthodontist Dr. Louis F. Mascola.

Video Transcript

Why You Need Invisalign From an AAO Orthodontist

Smile Direct is a company that is establishing locations in malls. And they’re having somebody, not a doctor, just the employee taking an iTero scan without a doctor present. And they’re fabricating aligners without really checking for cavities, bone loss, positions of the teeth in most cases. And when you’re dealing with the teeth, you’re dealing with a live object. And a lot of times, what we have to do when we do Invisalign, we have to polish the sides of the teeth to get them to fit. Or we have to keep them in the bone that is available. And if you push them out of the bone, then you have an unstable situation. It’s not going to last too long. Matter of fact, it might be where you’re going to have that person possibly lose some of their teeth.

The orthodontist really is the captain of the ship. And it has to be where you know where you’re doing and where you’re going, or else, it’s not going to work. Unfortunately, with the internet, they’ll have a patient either go to their location – or send materials to your home. And you don’t know who the doctor is, and he’s not around. And they’ll go ahead and send all the aligners out to you and you are not totally supervised.

The aligner is in the packets, and they may have you change it every 10 to 14 days. But they’ll just send it to you in the mail. You never get to see the doctor. And there’s so much that can go wrong, that that’s why you should be going to the orthodontist. And if it’s not tracking, that’s where if it’s not following the design that was set--and see, when we do the Invisalign, we also do what we call attachments. And attachments basically allow us to grab the tooth and orient it a little bit more, like a bracket on a tooth. Attachments basically are bracketing the that we glue onto the tooth and remove when we finish.

So somebody has to put it on. Somebody has to take it off when it’s finished. And a lot of times, we have to polish the sides of the teeth. And if that is not available, you can’t do the case proper.