What Technology Do You Use? by Torrance, CA Orthodontist Dr. Louis F. Mascola.

Video Transcript

What Technology Do You Use?

With the scanners, without taking the impression – when you took an impression before, it was like a cake mix that went into a patient’s mouth. And it would set maybe in about 45 to 60 seconds. From there, you would have to worry if you incorporate any bubbles. And say you didn’t get any bubbles. That’s fine. Then you’d have to have it poured up in a stone. When you’re pouring it up in a stone, if you don’t do it within a few hours, you’ll get some distortion.

So then, once you pour it up, then you have to take it away from the impression. And, a lot of times, something will break. Then, from there, you have to trim the bottles. And then, before, we would send them to a lab. So this all took time. And, if you sent it to a lab, whether the lab had a pick up service or they were – you really wouldn’t get it for a day or two.

So here, with the 3D printer, you can still do the same thing with the scanners, so with the iTero – that was developed actually by Invisalign. Then I also have a scanner that was developed by 3M. It’s called a True scanner. I have two of those. And I have three of the iTeros. But that allows us to get very, very accurate impressions without putting the impression material in a patient’s mouth.

So the patients don’t like impression material. And so it eliminated that problem. Then the accuracy is phenomenal. So we know right off the bat that it’s going to fit. Then the attachments that we put on, we design the attachments to fit the patient. Not all attachments are the same. But there’s different designed attachments for different things. So this is all coming down to the knowledge of the orthodontist.