What Sets You Apart From Other Dentists? by Torrance, CA Orthodontist Dr. Louis F. Mascola.

Video Transcript

What Sets You Apart From Other Dentists?

Honestly, I think I’ve been honest. I think that’s the difference. I don’t try to snowball anybody. I don’t have anything really, really fancy. I drive a smart car that’s 11 years old. So we don’t go for anything fancy.

It’s just where – I was brought up as a blue collar individual, and I’m proud of that.

I do have three children. One is a psychiatrist in medicine. He went to Stanford. He taught at Stanford for 14 years. My middle son is a general contractor and a longshoreman. He happens to be the arbitrator for the Longshoremen’s Union. My youngest son is a graduate of USC Marshall School of Business and he manages my three practices. But he’s also a mechanic down at the docks.

We’re basically a blue collar family. I’m more comfortable around blue collar than I am around white collar.