Adult Orthodontic Treatment

It’s never too late to improve your smile by straightening your teeth. Mascola Orthodontics helps children and adults alike improve their appearance and oral health with braces. Our practice offers unique treatment systems designed for adults, including Invisalign clear braces as well as discreet lingual braces.

Misaligned Teeth and Your Oral Health

Having a less-than-perfect smile takes a toll on a person’s self-confidence. Gapped, crooked, overlapped, and rotated teeth can make people very self-conscious of their smiles to the point that they avoid smiling around others or engaging in social activities.

Improperly spaced teeth affect more than your appearance and self-esteem. It can affect your oral health, too. When teeth aren’t positioned properly, food and surface debris tend to become trapped between them. If teeth are close together, overlapped, or rotated, cleaning away daily food deposits along with plaque is nearly impossible – even with careful and meticulous oral hygiene. This situation increases a person’s risk for developing problematic conditions like dental caries (cavities) and periodontal disease.

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Straightening your teeth can also preserve them. Poorly spaced teeth and misaligned bites lead to untimely tooth wear because teeth make contact in places they shouldn’t. Having a straighter smile could minimize the need for restorative dental care in the future.

Types of Adult Braces

There are quite a few treatment options for adults at Mascola Orthodontics. Our practice offers Invisalign, lingual braces, and conventional orthodontia.


Invisalign is a very popular orthodontic treatment option for adults because it’s inconspicuous and comfortable. These braces are made from clear plastic and are removed for meals and oral hygiene. The smooth surfaces of Invisalign’s braces mean that patients won’t experience irritation to soft oral tissues. The ability to remove Invisalign is incredibly convenient for eating meals and cleaning teeth without obstruction. Patients who choose Invisalign enjoy straightening their teeth with virtually undetectable orthodontic appliances.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are a revolutionary method for straightening teeth in a discreet way. This form of treatment involves placing fixed orthodontic appliances behind teeth. Like conventional braces, lingual orthodontia is bonded to teeth but where the appliances are placed makes for very inconspicuous treatment.

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Traditional Braces

Sometimes, conventional braces are still necessary – even for adults. Our team can utilize tooth-colored brackets, which helps lend a more natural appearance. Conventional braces are very effective and beneficial in correcting a number of common orthodontic issues.

If you desire a straighter and healthier smile, Mascola Orthodontics invites you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mascola. At your appointment, we will help you determine the best treatment option for your needs and lifestyle.

Common Questions about Adult Orthodontic Treatment
What is the best type of braces for adults?

There isn’t one “best” type of braces for adults. Mascola Orthodontics takes a personalized approach to treatment. Every adult’s tooth placement and oral anatomy is unique. Some types might not be universally applicable to all patients based on their tooth positioning, lifestyle, and oral health needs.

For example, Invisalign is a great option for adults because it’s comfortable and discreet but it’s not right for all adults. Some adults might require conventional braces or fixed orthodontic systems like lingual braces.

The only way to determine the type of braces you need is to have a consultation with an orthodontist. After taking X-rays, performing a physical examination, and having a discussion with Dr. Mascola, our practice will be able to provide treatment options that are right for you.

Are braces painful for adults?

Braces can feel uncomfortable from time to time but discomfort won’t keep you from your family obligations and work life. In fact, after an initial adjustment period, living with braces won’t feel like much of a disruption in your everyday life.

As your treatment progresses, your braces will become tighter. Whether this means wearing tighter Invisalign appliances or having your conventional braces manually tightened at our practice, you might experience some soreness from time to time. This discomfort isn’t overly painful, however, and can be mitigated with over the counter medication if necessary. Discomfort after adjustments subsides within a day or two.

People with braces live full, active lives. You might need to make minor changes like taking more time for oral hygiene or avoiding chewy foods like granola or taffy but for the most part, orthodontic treatment is very positive. As you begin to see results, you’ll feel empowered by how great your smile looks.

What is included in orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is a specialty within oral healthcare. Wearing braces involves attending a series of appointments with an orthodontist. After your initial consultation, you will return for the placement of your braces. Then you’ll have routine appointments at our practice to monitor the progress of your treatment. These appointments will include physical examinations and sometimes diagnostics like X-rays. Once your teeth have moved to their desired positions, you’ll transition from wearing braces to wearing removable retainers to help keep your teeth in place. The time you spend in treatment and the types of braces used will vary from person to person.

Can adults wear braces?

Adults can absolutely wear braces. In fact, any individual with misaligned teeth can improve their appearance and oral health with braces – regardless of age. While orthodontic treatment might be associated with children and teenagers, millions of adults have chosen to straighten their smiles by wearing braces. Braces can help adults who’ve never had orthodontic care as well as those who wore braces when they were younger and their teeth reverted back to unhealthy positions.

If you’re unhappy with the placement of your teeth, we invite you to schedule a consultation at Mascola Orthodontics. We have effective and discreet treatment options designed for adults.