Are Braces or Invisalign better for you by Torrance, CA Orthodontist Dr. Louis F. Mascola.

Video Transcript

Braces or Invisalign?

We can almost do the same thing with the growth brackets with Invisalign. Invisalign has spent about a billion dollars in research and development, so it is a good product depending on who does it.

I was trained in 1999 with Invisalign for a while. I did not do it too well, because of the fact the results weren’t really coming out the way they said it would. But in the last three to five years, they’ve really improved their product. They are proprietary in the materials now. And then during that time, we also saw where we can use a mini camera that will give us a model of the tooth and the teeth in forearch, upper and lower.

So we can now do computer-generated orthodontics, and that’s basically what Invisalign is. Or we can use it with brackets where we have a company put the brackets on 3D teeth basically in the right position. But when you’re dealing with something so critical as brackets and wires that are in the tens of thousands, then you want to be able to be pretty accurate.

So now we have those two modalities where we’ll use either indirect bonding, that’s what we call indirect bonding, or Invisalign.